God has truly been doing amazing things at Preston Hollow this year. We have been experiencing a movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst. God has blessed our congregation with a joy that seems to be overflowing. After every worship service, Jim Gray and I debrief about what is happening. Its not just the spirit in worship on Sundays, it is the spirit that seems to be accompanying the small group gatherings, the ways in which persons are reporting how they are feeling the power of God’s presence. This is nothing short of a miracle, my friends.

This coming Sunday, we are going to be baptizing 2 adults in our worship service. This is truly special. Its not often we have the opportunity to baptize adults. It almost slipped up on me, but this Sunday is also Pentecost Sunday. You’ll remember on the first Pentecost how the Holy Spirit flooded the place and all were moved in their experience of the Divine. I hope you will make plans to be with us on Sunday to celebrate the baptism of 2 of our newest members, to welcome them into our family.

Jim wrote a letter to the leadership of our church to just express his joy and gratitude over what is happening. I am including it here so you can be included. Join with me in prayers of gratitude to God for all God is doing!

“Hey All.

I hope you are doing well and hope you had a great Mother’s Day. Just wanted to give a little update. We had over 125 people in Church today which is nearly double of last year. We also experienced so many new first time guests today that we couldn’t get to all of them. I just wanted to say Praise God for the recent growth of our church but mostly the spirit and feeling of excitement that everyone feels. Over the past 5 weeks, we have witnessed a significant surge in attendance and participation in all church activities. This growth is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved, from our Pastor, to Hospitality, Worship Team, Greeters, Children’s ministry (which had 10 Kids today)to our volunteers and, of course, the support of you, our church council.

We also had several more people inquire today about being baptized next Sunday. The list is growing of adults and children we are going to baptize. We also have a new group of people that have let us know that they want to join our Church, which our next invitation for membership will be September 8th. Mike Larson told me that Maria is inputting “first time giver” info nearly every week into our giving data base. We know the offerings will lag behind the growth but it is encouraging to see new families beginning to partner with us.

During a lunch today with Pastor Tom after church with a new couple in our church and hearing how Preston Hollow has impacted their lives I wanted to email you to say thank you for your leadership, support, prayer and guidance as it has played a crucial role in fostering an environment where people feel welcomed, valued, and inspired to engage with us. Our shared vision has helped create a vibrant and inclusive space where individuals and families can build meaningful connections with one another.

As we continue to experience this growth, exciting days are undoubtedly ahead of us. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing encouragement/commitment to the rebuilding of our Church. And thank you to Pastor Tom for leading us and setting the tone and direction for the Church we are to become. Most Pastors that are about to retire are just chillin and enjoying the last years of their ministry but our Pastor is all in, giving it all that he has each week and for that, thank you!

Lastly we know we’re about to roll into summer and we know that things can be lean and that’s ok, when the wind isn’t blowing, that’s time to pull in the sails and clean the boat and get prepared for the fall so when the wind does blow again, we are ready for the journey.

Today was the last day with the orchestra until the fall but we are still pressing forward with creative, “Easter Every Sunday” services this summer. Pastor Tom is going to start a “Preston Hollow At The Movies” series for July & August that is going to be fun and inspiring.

We look forward to embracing the opportunities and challenges of new growth, as we continue to spread the message of love, hope, and compassion.

Have A Great Week.

Jim Gray”

The worship team works so hard every week to give God and all of us their best efforts. Our SMU students in our orchestra, the band members, the choir members, and all of you make Preston Hollow not only a welcoming and inviting place, but truly a place where all are being blessed by the movement and outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I hope to see you Sunday!

Your companion on the Way,

Pastor Tom

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