Wednesday’s Word I 06.21.23

It’s soooooooo HOT!

This heat can really sap all the energy out of you. Summer is here and in full force. Of course, being from Texas, we probably shouldn’t complain about the heat, it’s a given. If you’re going to live in Texas, you have to make peace with the heat of the long Summers.

I wonder what things in life that give us fits should we not complain about, or make peace with?

One of the things we give way too much consideration to is others’ opinions of us. That preoccupation with others’ opinions has the effect of stunting our better angels. We sometimes are not as kind and loving toward some because of how it might seem to those whose opinions we value. If they don’t like someone, we have the tendency to follow suit. On the inside of us though, there are better angels telling us what’s right and wrong, good and just, loving and kind.

Are we too fixated on our own desires and ambitions to consider how our actions affect others? Do we allow what we want, to supersede how we should care for the environment, the people we see in need, and the issues of justice, equality, fairness, and acceptance?

There is an understanding that we are interconnected with all that is. What affects one part, affects all parts, either directly or indirectly. How we treat one another has a huge effect on how we are treated. How we choose to extend kindness, love, grace, and forgiveness has a way of impacting us too.

When we begin to look at what we complain about, what we allow ourselves to be anxious about, what we are at odds with, what does our attitude and perspective reveal to us? Are we complaining or anxious because we feel personally slighted or inconvenienced? Do we take exception at something being said or done because it has a direct effect on us?

There should come a time in our lives when we are able to acknowledge what is happening around us may not be all about us, but it may affect us because it affects others. There is an acceptance that probably should take place in us, we are a part of all of creation. Because we are a part, we also have an obligation to give our attention, our efforts, to making sure all of creation is positively impacted by us. When I witness someone else being treated unjustly or unkindly, it should feel the same as if it were me.

I complain about the weather because I’m personally suffering through this heat. Then I remember how there are those in other parts of the world with spotty electricity, therefore spotty relief from the oppressive heat. Does my complaining help dissipate the heat? No. Do I complain when others can’t get in away from the heat where they are? No. Maybe I should complain less about the heat, and give thanks to God for living in a place where I’m protected from the heat. Maybe I should make peace with the heat of Summer but maybe work toward helping those who are not fortunate to find such relief.

There are no easy solutions to every situation. There are not always ways to change what we find ourselves complaining about. Sometimes we have to accept what is, make peace with it, and work to change those things which can be changed.

Summer is traditionally the slowest time of the year for donations to area blood banks. This is something we can absolutely do something about, where we can make a difference with our actions, not just complain about, or fret over. Preston Hollow Church is sponsoring a blood drive this month, June 29th. From 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., instead of being anxious or complaining about the lack of donations that will save people’s lives, we can step up. From my understanding, we have already logged 20 volunteers to participate, with another 30 empty appointments available.

As the Summer progresses, and the heat remains, we can find a real call to action on those things which in effect, affect us all. We can also find a sense of peace in determining what we need to accept. Reminds me of the often-quoted prayer:
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Your fellow traveler on the Way,
Pastor Tom

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