Our Return to Worship

Grace, Peace and Love to each of you.

I know we have all been anxiously awaiting the time we can return to in-person worship with our beloved community.  The spike in Covid cases has subsided, Dallas County has moved our threat level from Red to Orange.  Indeed, we are approaching some sense of normalcy.  We do have one barrier to our returning to in-person worship, however.  As you may be aware, we have been battling roof leaks for quite some time now, patching as we could, waiting for the process of negotiating to receive remuneration from our property insurance carrier.  We were able to finally receive some monies toward the repair/replacement of the roof of the church.

The Church Council will be meeting this Saturday to take action to engage a contractor to replace our roof.  This will be a major operation, we have both pitched and flat roofs to contend with.  This is a large undertaking and the work will necessitate covering and protecting equipment and furnishing inside as the contractors take the roof down to the decking, and reapply roofing materials.  There will be material and dumpsters situated outside, as well as coverings to protect our landscaping.  In general, it will be quite a mess, but in the end, we will have a 30-year roof covering the entire structure.  We are planning for the contractors to get started immediately on this project.

Having said all this, we would like to return to in-person worship on March 20, 2022.  Our hope is much of the work on the pitched roofs of the sanctuary and fellowship hall can be completed or close to completion by that time.  We want to promote our return to in-person worship in a huge way.  To accomplish our goal, we have developed a plan for special worship each of the Sundays leading up to Easter, and through to the Sunday following worship.

  • March 2: Ash Wednesday, Noon – 1:30 drive-thru under the porte-cochere. 5:00 – 6:30 at Lekka, 17606 Preston Rd.
  • March 20: Re-Grand Opening.
    Breakfast  in the Fellowship Hall at 9:00am.
    Bible Study with Hadley Edwards at 9:30 and  special service at 10:30 in Sanctuary.
  • March 27: Worship service and “Open Forum Discussion” about the difficulties of the last 2 years.
  • April 3: Mission & Outreach Sunday. Ministry Expo giving everyone the opportunity to sign up and get involved in upcoming ministry opportunities. Communion & Baptism during worship.
  • April 10: Cantata / Pass out Easter Invite cards.
  • April 17: Easter Celebration / Easter Egg Hunt following the service.
  • April 24: Preston Hollow Goes Gospel –  Outdoor Tent Revival  and lunch.
  • May 1: Vision Casting Sunday. “The Mission Of Preston Hollow”

My dear, dear friends.  I long to see each of you in person very soon.  I want to greet you and be in your presence.  I would ask each of us to pray fervently for a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit to fill us as we prepare our hearts and minds to meet together once again.

In Christ’s love,

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