Wednesday’s Word | 12.30.20

Wednesday's Word - December 30th

I don’t know who wrote this Christmas song, or when, but I remember it from my earliest years. My mother, who grew up in the Catholic church and shared her clear soprano voice in the church choir, used to sing the song to my sister and me as a lullaby at bedtime. 

Shepherds, now go we To yon, fair Bethlehem town.
To us the angels From heaven hath come down.

The song wasn’t always for Christmas, because we requested it year-round. I’ve hunted on Google, etc., but it seems to have disappeared. I can sing it (sort of) but I can’t find the music. After years of repetition, I guess I didn’t need to discover the original, since I, too, sang it to my children and just sat down and typed it out.

Told a sweet story That, there in Bethlehem stall
Lay the child Jesus, The dear Lord of us all.

I sing it in tribute to my mother, who was also named Mary. She has been gone for almost 25 years, but, still, recalling her Christmas lullaby brings back the warmest memories. 

Enter we, soft now The baby is asleep.
With us the angels Their watch o’er Him do keep.

The story of the first Christmas pulls us away from this chaotic world and back to our softest, warmest, most gentle memories even during this chaotic year. Out of every hurt or tear, Jesus brings us hope for a new tomorrow.

Mary, his mother, Sweet lullabies doth sing.
We bear, I fear thee, Scant tribute to the King.

Lord, bless us. We need you. We pray for families and friends, near and far, and look forward to being together again.

Charlotte Echols

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