Advent-Fourth Sunday

Fourth Sunday in Advent

This advent season we are called to revisit the meaning of one of the most important seasons in the life of our Christian faith. While doing this work, God’s grace is awaiting in our hearts. It is waiting in the community around us that we have yet to discover and see. Let us be that agent of grace and love this season. Let us dare to love others radically as Christ has called us to do.

In this time of silence, let us revisit our traditions and question if they make space for others that do not look like you. Let us revisit the images of our Advent season and see those that are unseen in them. Let this COVID19 Advent season be the new beginning that we so desperately did not realize we needed.   And most importantly, after all, let us remember that this ugliness, grief, and pain becomes filled by grace and love and transforms itself into a blooming poinsettia. Whom in the middle of the winter storm it blooms and gives hope and beauty to those around every Advent season.

As Christians celebrate Peace on this fourth Sunday of Advent, may we all be reminded of the power of Peace to make the world a better place.

Advent-Fourth Sunday

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