Wednesday’s Word | 10.28.20

Wednesday's Word - October 28th

Let me start this way…You are a beloved child of God. Please read that again, You are a beloved child of God. Whatever your current circumstance, whatever problems you may be facing, whatever criticisms are being hurled your way, whatever financial, emotional or relational issues are plaguing you right now, YOU are a BELOVED child of God.

Every day when I look in the mirror, I affirm myself this way. Starting my day with this affirmation helps me tremendously. When I encounter low points, hard situations, difficult decisions, I lean and depend on the knowledge I am beloved of God. I am God’s child, and no force of exclusion or oppression can take that fact away.

I want to encourage you right now. Living in this world gives many opportunities for our self-worth to be assailed. We are subject to voices which continually tell us our perspective, or our opinions, or our beliefs are flat out wrong. We are at a moment in history where no matter where you stand on your political leanings, no matter who you believe should be the next President of the United States, no matter which path you choose, there are a great many people who will castigate and vilify you. There is no shortage of meanness and venom being spewed in every direction.

I would tell you, we cannot long endure the pressure of division and acrimony that is present today. Peace and harmony are in such very short supply, and the absence of peace in our lives is a stress many of us are subjected to.

I don’t know the future, and I generally don’t play the prognostication game of trying guess the outcomes. I have to live in the present. I have to care for myself in the present. I have to find ways to assuage any hurt or offense I may endure. This isn’t easy to do in today’s environment.

The one thing all of us can know for certain is, we are beloved by God. No matter what rises against us, we are beloved by God. No matter who rails against our values, our hopes and dreams, our general socio-political perspective, God is with us. God loves us beyond measure. God loves us in spite of our failings. God loves us when we seem unloveable to others. God loves us not for what we do, or say, but because we belong to God.

No one and nothing can ever overcome the love God has for you. When God made you, formed you, blew breath into you, you were stamped with God’s love. So go out today and face the giants that may come against you. Go out knowing you are covered and surrounded with the love of God.

You are God’s beloved child.

Your fellow traveler on the Way,
Pastor Tom

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